Posted by: Chloe | October 10, 2007


My mother called today to tell me she’s being evicted from her house.  Needless to say, I immediately become drained emotionally.  You would have to know the background to understand which I will explain over the next few posts.  So back to the call, she’s complaining all about her finances and why she’s in the position she’s in.  The fact of the matter is she’s done all this to herself. Quitting jobs and always wanting someone else to pay her bills. But as usual she’s got it all worked out that she’s going to go live with her brother in another state and when I question to whether he will let her? She becomes mad and snaps of course. Lo and behold that I question any of her decisions – why in the world is she even calling me? You know why? To whine or perhaps wanting me to offer to bail her out. I never know the motive of my mother – she’s way too smart to ever let it out.


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