Posted by: Chloe | October 16, 2007

Found a facility

With no insurance, assets or any other funds, there are very limited places a single older woman with no prison record, nor drug addictions can go to get her life back on track.  Hours and hours of researching and calling places. Don’t even think I’m exaggerating. Between my sister and I, we must have called more than 20 places and that doesn’t count all the websites we visited to find out information. The next week I start over again but the prayers are helping. Somehow when I called Place A, they told me about Place B, which then told me to call someone different at Place A, so I did and that contact gave me the number of Place C and Place D. Place D will take her but they require she go to work immediately and may have to room with addicts that are not quite recovered yet AND there’s a $500 non-refundable fee which will not be refunded even if she walks out after a week because they don’t require she stays. Finally Place C calls and it looks like they might could help although she will be older than most of the residents. They fax me the application and I almost cry when I see all the requirements before I can even submit the application. Not to mention they only have a few slots open and it’s a first come, first serve basis. I call my sister and we agree to go to my mother’s house the next day and make her decide.


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