Posted by: Chloe | October 18, 2007

The intervention

My sister and I went to my mother’s house today.  We took her mother with us also.  The idea was to present my mother with two choices of a place to go.  A treatment facility about 3 hours away that has a 1 year program or a women’s house for addicts about an hour away.  Neither facility is Christian based but the treatment facility seems to have more of an organized program to get women off drugs and alcohol, teach them how to start over and AA meetings are required.  I can tell she really doesn’t like either program.

I had a talk with my grandmother beforehand that no matter how much my mother begged or cried, she could not live with any of us.  The enabling had gone on too long and she needed help that we were not equipped emotionally or educated in psychology to help her. 

My grandmother didn’t say much.  Finally my mother decided on the treatment program.  She continues to have this haughtiness and attitude that we owe her and that although we are helping her, she’s still in control of her life.  I wonder what it will take for her to hit rock bottom because she’s still not there.  My mother’s pride is the strongest I have ever seen in a person.  I have learned from seeing her that pride can be so much more evil than people think. 

So, now the process begins.  We’ve got to get my mother a physical and other tests.  We have to get a letter from the landlord saying she’s being evicted.  There’s a stack of forms my mother has to fill out admitting alcohol and drug abuse.  She’s already complaining about that – she claims she’s never had a drug addiction but we try to explain that she did for many years smoke pot which means she has a history of drug abuse.  My mother lives in fairyland when it comes to these things.  There were times growing up where she and I both know she was in the kitchen smoking pot but as usual she just ignores my confrontation and shuts us out.  We skip that section on the forms for now.


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