Posted by: Chloe | October 22, 2007

I’m going to scream!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

If I have to take my mother to one more appointment, I am going to hang my head out the car window and scream!!!!!  My sister is taking her back for one of the tests.  But I’m not sure I can handle much more of her in the car.  She’s ungrateful and although I know this must be hard for her, she continues to avoid the fact that she’s in trouble.  She thinks my sister, grandmother and I are pushing her in all this yet it IS HER DOING!  She hates going to the doctor especially one she doesn’t know.

AND to make matters worse, my mother didn’t pay a medical bill from a year ago and since this doctor belongs to the same network they said the old bill must be paid before they will see her.  This doctor was recommended by a friend of mine and I already had called two other places trying to get a short notice appointment for a physical to no avail.  There is much blessing in this because the office manager has talked to the doctor, explained the situation and they are going to waive half of the old bill.  So now all we have to pay for is the current physical expense and half of that old bill.  And the doctor waived MANY of the fees he normally charges for the tests mom had to have in order to get in the facility.

But you know what?  after everything we’ve done for mom this week and the dr. fitting her in, all she can talk about is that stupid old bill that she skipped out on a year ago.  She’s mad we paid part of it and has no remorse or takes responsibility that she should have paid it in the first place.  She will not shut up all the way home…goes on how she’s not in bad shape (she lied to the doctor about the pot and pain meds she abused). 

She’s skipped out on numerous hospital bills, gets prescriptions free and still thinks she’s owed more.


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