Posted by: Chloe | October 26, 2007

Clean up – Part 1

My husband had a business meeting schedule this week for out of town.  There was nothing he could do to change it.  He’s self employed and new clients are what keep us afloat.  But mom’s landlord has required us to get everything within the next week.  It’s more than my mother deserved after being behind on rent for more than a year but her landlord felt sorry for her and mom lied each month about a job and sweet talked her way into to continuing living there. 

So, we’ve now had to ask our pastor for help in moving some of this furniture out.  Our pastor volunteers himself along with another guy who’s new to our church.  I was so ashamed of the house and what both men had to see.  The nastiness of things – dust, dog hair everywhere, smoke stains on all the walls.  The smell is almost unbearable.  Mom was a hermit and the environment just seeps of closed off.  satan is everywhere in this house.  The evil is apparent.  My pastor never shows that there’s anything wrong.  He and the other guy work quickly to move the items out.  AND the good thing…the man helping us just moved with his family and needs some furniture.  I offer him almost anything on the truck.  What would we do with it?  It would be stored in my grandmother’s garage – most of it needing work and cleaned up.  This man had worked hard for us today and was grateful for the gift.  But he gave more than receiving.  As for our pastor – my goodness, there’s not even words to thank him.  This is definitely out of the scope of pastoring a church.  But that’s the type of people he and his wife are.


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