Posted by: Chloe | October 30, 2007

Taking care of the dog

A couple of days before mom’s appointment for the treatment facility, my sister had a horrible task to take care of.  Over the past few weeks we had discussed what to do with mom’s furniture and her dog.  We had to make arrangements for her car to be picked up.  It was already in collections and I’m surprised it had not been repossessed already. 

None of us wanted the dog (which we love dogs) but mom’s dog was never trained and she kept it inside all the time.  It was not house trained and was uncontrollable.  She never made it mind.  It was a large dog that would jump on the kitchen table and bark constantly.  Almost like it was going crazy.  My sister volunteered to take the dog to the pound.  Over the past few weeks we had tried to share errands and taking mom places.  I had family and she was in college.  Both of us were busy. 

Anyway, my sister took the dog to the pound and then called me crying her heart out.  She said she had to drag the dog out of the car through the pound facility.  She was furious with our mother for making us do this.  I just listened and wished I could have been there to hold her hand.


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