Posted by: Chloe | November 2, 2007

Clean Up – Part 2

I’m EXHAUSTED but have to keep going, I have to keep going.  I’m not even analyzing this whole crappy situation yet.  I’m just going.  My sister and I are headed to mom’s house again to clean out the remaining items.  I’m sad and mad at the same time because she has left a huge mess for us to clean up.

But we get there and after working for two hours, we realize the mess is even bigger than we every anticipated.  She’s even left dirty dishes in the sink.  We hate to throw everything in the trash so we pack and put one load on the truck – take it to the goodwill store down the street.  We’re wiped out.  We go to lunch and start again.  I could go on and on describing all the junk and trash our mother kept but anyway.  As the day wears on, we’re starting to bicker and I know because neither one of us can take on anything else.  Our uncle shows up in the afternoon and he doesn’t seem to be as bothered.  I want to scream of course you’re fine!  you live in another state!  you hardly come for a visit!  you haven’t been here all these years or the past few months have to endure our mother’s wrath – our mother’s mess.

It’s late and finally we drop off the last load at the dump.  I cry on the way home and just want to crawl in a corner and sleep.  Wake up to this being a nightmare.


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