Posted by: Chloe | December 10, 2007

A letter from her

She mailed a gripe letter this time.  She never thanks any of us for the help we gave her.  She doesn’t acknowledge anything we did.  Previous letters described the experience at the treatment center:

The women have to go through GED classes.  Craft day is scheduled once a week.  They rotate chores weekly within each residence.  She has to meet with her case manager almost daily.  She hates the cooking rotation and meal planning.  In fact I think she hates everything because my mother probably feels like a caged animal.  She HAS never liked authority nor anyone else planning her day to day activities.

Since they’re not allowed to have a car, they rely on public transportation but they are limited as to where they are allowed to go.  EVERY morning after breakfast, all the women have to meet at a nearby track and walk for so many miles or I guess an alloted time.  The center told us about these requirements beforehand.  It’s partly why they were concerned about taking mom because she was in such poor health and the exercise is a requirement to graduating from the program.  I agree with them.  They are trying to do everything to get her off smoking.  Her medical is covered and she’s required to attend AA classes. 

She complains about how busy they keep her and that most of the women are a lot worse than her.  That my sister and I should be thankful she never did some of the things the other women did.  My mother has also considered herself higher than many others over the years.  She felt that since she didn’t for example shoot up drugs, than no way could she be as bad as a person addicted to drugs.  But this is a woman who won’t admit to verbal and physical abuse to her children.


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