Posted by: Chloe | January 26, 2008

Treatment Center update

Mom keeps putting us off for coming to visit.  When she phoned the other day, I asked her about moving to Phase 2 but she said the center has changed the phases.  She’s been upset that they changed case managers on her also.  I think she’s struggling more now than ever before  It seems the center has some budget cuts and had to let 1-2 of the staff go – one happened to be mom’s case manager.  I can’t ever believe everything she says though.  Sometimes she turns things around so that she looks like the victim or the person got the raw deal from their employer. 

Mom’s also telling me they are not getting her all the medicine she needs but again I don’t know what to believe.  I’m going to call the center and verify what she’s telling me. 

In the meantime, I try to encourage her to stay positive and be thankful for the center.  They have treated her well and given her counseling she’s needed for years.   But she’s not feeling that way.  She believes she’s conquered all the pain and problems from all these years.  I think she’s just barely scratched the surface.  My mother is extremely manipulative and very smart.  It amazes me to this day how she can get someone to change their decision or think something totally different of her than they originally thought. 

I don’t think she’s healed.  She’s only been there 3 months.  I think all the socializing, groups, chores, rules, AA meetings, counseling meetings and other restrictions are getting to her.  It’s like she’s a caged animal and can only deal with being caged for so long.  She is so against authority.  I’m starting to worry but i don’t tell her that.  I point out all the good things she’s learning and that the center will help her get a place of her own once she finishes and a job that she can handle.


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