Posted by: Chloe | February 17, 2008

Mom’s leaving the center?

It can’t be.  It’s been a long week already and I’m not prepared for her phone call.  They usually always come on Sundays and this time it’s before church.  She never asks how we’re doing.  She has no concept of my life or obligations I have. 

She’s calling to tell me the treatment center has asked her to leave.  Mom claims it’s because they are having budget cuts and they don’t think she can finish the program.  I sit and listen to her go on and on.  She tells me she’ll call me back later in the week when she finds our for sure.  I know I should call the treatment center but  I don’t feel like and perhaps she’s just trying to push my buttons to see what I’ll do.  I’ll wait on her next phone call.


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