Posted by: Chloe | February 19, 2008

Leaving the center?

She calls again and it’s true…they have asked her to leave.  I’m I don’t even know what.  It’s not anger, perhaps exhausted with the situation.  Mom says they are going to kick her out and we need to come get her immediately.  I can’t believe they would do that so I tell her I need time to think of what to do and I’ll call her back.

I call the center and get her new case manager.  No, they are not going to kick her out but she does need to leave soon.  It seems that she has spent more time in bed sick than participating at the center.  Especially in January.  I understand although it irritates me.  The center knew her medical problems.  They knew the damage she had to her body due to smoking for 40 years, drinking and not taking care of herself; yet they accepted her.  The lady explained they had other people on a waiting list and mom was not fulfilling the program requirements.  She also said they would give mom a bus ticket to anywhere she wanted to go.  I should have screamed and fussed the center out but i didn’t.  I had an inking this would happen.

I prayed that mom would finish the program but knew deep down she wouldn’t.  When I call her back, she states again we need to come pick her up so that she can come live with her mother (my grandmother).  I tell her that’s not an option and she gets so angry.  I tell her fine, call my grandmother and ask her.  I slam the phone down and immediately dial my grandmother before mom can reach her.  I’ve been discussing the situation with her since mom’s first call but I let her know to be prepared for mom’s call to ask to live with her.  I feel guilty doing this but mom can not come live near us.  My grandmother is not in the greatest health and it would be my sister and I taking care of my mom.  The whole thing is a mess. 

My grandmother calls me back after she talks to mom and she’s crying because she says mom begged to come live with her but my grandmother had to tell her no.  I can’t imagine having to tell your own child they can’t live with you.  I call mom back and she’s upset but she doesn’t want to talk about it.  She says there is no where for her to go except shelters.  Before I can say more, she hangs up on me.  Once again I’m calling the center and they tell me that there are other places she can go to and will not kick her out on the streets.


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