Posted by: Chloe | February 20, 2008

Another place

The saga continues…mom calls to say she has found another place to go to.  I know she’s hurting.  In the previous calls, I never offered her to come live with me or my sister.  I guess she knew not to ask. 

Anyway, the center has helped her find a permanent place she can move to.  It’s a facility that houses people with disabilities or health problems that have no where else to go.  People who have no family or their families won’t take them, they can live at this facility.  It’s kind of like a dorm house and is supported mostly by donations.  Mom will apply for disability and pay a small percentage to the facility to continue living there.  I think it’s 4 women to a room.  I’m thankful she had found the place and is comfortable with the situation.  She doesn’t have many rules to live there except for a curfew.  She’s not required to attend meetings or hold down a job.  I really don’t know everything about it but I’ve had friends praying for her and I believe God led her to this facility even though she doesn’t believe in those things.


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