Posted by: Chloe | May 6, 2008

The cremation

After mom’s passing yesterday, we headed to a funeral home.  The nurse I first talked to when I called before coming, gave me a list of places to call.  We called and then just picked.  Mom’s wish was to be cremated.  The funeral director make some calls and actually got her cremated last night which is so unusual.  Did you know that cremation can take 3-5 days with all the paperwork involved and schedules of the funeral home and crematory?  We picked up the ashes this morning and headed over to the shelter where she moved to from the treatment place.  As my younger sister stayed stoic and business minded, I broke down inside moving the boxes of mom’s stuff.  We decided to leave all the clothing so they could use it for other people at the shelter.  What use would it do us to bring it back home and then donate it? 

I’ve shed harder tears the past two days than any time during my life.  I’m sucking back tears other times.  I’m sucking in my emotions because I have to get through this.  We still have a long week ahead of us and although I want to mourn (I don’t even know what mouring is to me) I can’t. I have to suck it up and deal with getting through this.


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