Posted by: Chloe | May 7, 2008


Did I ever know how much trouble a dog-gone-it notice in the paper was going to be?  I’m mad…made at the paper, mad at the funeral home, mad at my sister and anyone else in my path at the moment AND I’m not even the one handling this task!

My sister is barking and yelling at me.  She’s crying and furious because I questioned why they paper won’t run an obituary. Once again I ask a question and it’s met with fury! It seems that our hometown paper is horrible to deal with. Because we are not planning a service with the funeral home (4 hours away) that cremated my mother, it seems we have a mess. Papers require the funeral home to give them the obituary so we have to get even the death notice signed off from the funeral home and then have them fax it to the paper. So my sister goes through all this because there was a misunderstanding about whether we wanted to pay for an obituary or how much it cost. It seems she got the death notice approved which is free but if we want more, the paper will make her jump through all the hoops again.

So no obituary, just a 3 line death notice.


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