Posted by: Chloe | May 9, 2008

The ceremony

We had a small service today at a park my mother use to frequent as a child.  We buried her ashes in a location she had requested long ago before the service.  A private moment with just us.  Family came I had not seen in years.  It was hard because several of those same people had witnessed my mother’s down fall, even witnessed her abuse towards my and yet never said a word to confront my mother.   Yet there were ones who did love my mother…just not sure how to help her so they stayed away. 

I’m thankful for my church family.  Many took off from work or rearranged their schedule to come.  People I’m not that close to but wanted to support me.  My best friend held my hand as it shook and I sucked back the tears.  If I broke down it would have not stopped and I had to get through this ceremony.  My sister nor my mother are Christians so there was a slight debate over what my pastor would say but assured my sister he would stay within what my mother would have wanted.  My pastor only met my mother once but he did a wonderful job.  I did ask him to present the plan of salvation but to not attach it to my mother.  He did that and his speaking flowed. 

I talked with family members and laughed occasionally with others but inside I was dying.  And then it was over.


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