Posted by: Chloe | August 13, 2008

Hospital called

I came home today after running errands to an odd message on our answering machine.  I thought the lady said she was from either the hospital or homeless shelter where my mother was staying before her passing.  (i still can’t bring myself to say death or died in regard to her).  Anyway, when I called back, I found out that the hospital had some of my mother’s belongings still.  I was so angry because it’s been over 3 months and we asked I think or relied on the hospital to tell us about these belongings when we were there.  No one told us that the hospital takes the valuables of a person admitted to a hospital and puts the valuables in a safe.  So the end result is that the NICE security guard went to the safe, removed the envelope and I gave her permission to open it to see what the contents were.  I wasn’t sure I was up to driving 6 hours round trip to pick it up.  

Inside was a few pieces of jewelry, her driver’s license and bus pass.  One of the pieces she described was a ring that we thought Mama had lost or given away.  We never found it in any of her things we went through. 

The lady offered to mail me the items and I thank her profusely.  I hung up and got up the gumption to call my sister and grandmother to let them know.

UPDATE:  I received the package of the items a few days later.  Coming back from the mailbox into the house, I picked a fight with my husband not realizing I was doing it because of the hurt I was trying to deal with.  I bawled in the bathroom after opening and looking through the items.  Thankfully, I have a wonderful husband who accepted my apology and still tried to comfort me.


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