Posted by: Chloe | October 19, 2008

Movie Night

I put off seeing this movie because I thought it would be CHEESY but now I have to eat my words.  I think satan kept trying to discourage me also but ha!  he didn’t win.  So now I’m going to be one of those people that I’ve come across lately…

            “Oh my goodness!!!!  Have you seen the movie FIREPROOF?  Oh my, you HAVE to go see this movie!!!  Remember Kirk Cameron?  He’s in it!!  You just must go see it!!  It’s not cheesy!  It has really good acting.  I cried at parts.  My husband teared up.  YOU just have to go see this movie!!!!!!!!”

Samuel Goldwyn Films' FireproofAnd I’m thinking, dang it, I don’t want to waste my date night on some cheesy, perhaps romantic, lovey dovey, everything ends so sweetly Christian movie.  Is that not horrible?  I’m a Christian – LOVE THE LORD and I didn’t want to go see a Christian movie.  I wanted to go see something stupid instead that would make me forget everything for 2 hours, laugh and have a date with my husband.

But we went and saw it and NOW I SAY Oh my goodness!  You have got to see this movie!!!

Offical FIREPROOF Movie Site

Yahoo Movie Information or MSN Movie Information

The Love Dare Book


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