If you care about grammer, don’t read these posts. I’m so particular with things but this blog is for me to voice my struggle and emotions regarding my LIFE. It started with a situation regarding my mother but become more.  I focus on getting the words out, not correcting everything which is my normal way.

I am married and love my husband. I also love the Lord. I am loyal to both men. Just because I’m a Christian does not mean I am without sin or struggles. What I write may come across angry, mean or sad. It’s my inner feelings and I express them to God also and He comforts me. He knows they do not rule my soul because the Holy Spirit does. My flesh struggles with these emotions.

I’ve had a long journey with my mother and I hope this blog will encourage you to appreciate your family and/or resolve issues you may have with your childhood. We all have issues but if we let go, we can go further than we ever realized.

This is my journey of my mother’s passing in 2007.  She is still missed and always will be.


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